Libido-Loving Chocolate Strawberries – JSHealth

There’s just something sensual about chocolate-dipped strawberries! In celebration of Libido Week, we have done a JSHealth take on this romantic treat using cacao-rich dark chocolate.

With each one you bite into, the hard shell of velvety chocolate gives way to the juicy sweetness of in-season strawberries beneath. Simple, yet truly delightful!


· 100g dark chocolate
· 1 punnet strawberries, approximately 200g
· Handful of pistachios, roughly chopped, optional


To melt the dark chocolate, fill a small saucepan with 2cm of water and bring to a gentle simmer. Place a heat-proof bowl on top, making sure the base of the bowl doesn’t touch the water. Roughly break the chocolate and place it into bowl. Stir the chocolate whilst it melts. Once melted, remove from the heat.

Line a baking tray with baking paper (make sure to use one that fits in your freezer!). Hold the strawberries by the

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My Top Tips for Body Love

Your relationship with yourself is the most important one you’ll ever have. It wasn’t until I learnt to be kind to myself, and truly practised loving my body that I was able to find a healthy balance in life – for life

From personal experience, it’s not easy to overcome years of negative self-talk or the pressures we may feel from external sources (such as magazines and social media) to look a certain way. Enough restriction and punishment, it’s time to love every part of you as you are, unconditionally, right now.

Be gentle with yourself, it’s always a work in progress. Here are my top practices that I used to fall in love with my body and truly take care of it, which I continue to use daily to remain in this state of body love….

Love Jess x

Exercising with kindness

I will ONLY move my body

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5 Nourishing Recipes to Make and Gift

Preparing food for someone is a true act of love and care.  Whether you want to make a meal for those special to you who could use a bit of extra support with some nourishing food, or you just want to brighten up someone’s day with a surprise delivery of homemade treats, these are 5 of my favourite recipes for gifting.

Love Jess x

Salted Tahini Bliss Balls

These nut-free bliss balls are rich in fibre and healthy fats. Your lucky recipient will be able to enjoy 1-2 for a snack or nutrient-rich dessert, as they please.

Minestrone Soup

Nothing says “I care about you” like a soup delivery. This uper nourishing and hearty minestrone soup is classic comfort food, which can be enjoyed over a few days or even frozen in portions for later.

Choc-Chip Cupcakes

Who doesn’t love a classic choc chip cupcake? This recipe is always a

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5-Minute Asian Noodle Salad – JSHealth

In need of a no-fuss salad recipe? I’ve got you covered with this delicious bowl of goodness, which is a go-to when I need a quick and nourishing work lunch.

I believe the key to making a delicious salad is all in the dressing and this one hits the spot. The rest all comes down to savvy assembly of wholesome ingredients. Literally the only thing you need to chop is the spring onion. It’s that easy!

Tip: to save time, purchase a roast chicken from your local supermarket or chicken shop. For a plant-based option, replace the chicken with tofu or tempeh as the protein source.


For the salad:

Vermicelli noodles⁠

Pre-made vegetable slaw mix⁠

Shredded chicken⁠

Spring onions⁠, chopped

Frozen edamame⁠

For the dressing:⁠

1 tbsp tamari⁠

1 tsp sesame oil⁠

1 tsp maple syrup⁠

1 tsp sriracha⁠

1 tsp white wine vinegar⁠

Sprinkle of sesame seeds

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How To Tell If Smokers Are Hiding Tobacco Scent

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I wrote the total article. I’m not a gum goer and was suffering from a bit of obesity. Then I started to test the simple ideas advised right here and really superb I’m feeling fit and find. I’m sanguine that the individuals who don’t afford to go to health club might also attempt for good health and fitness. The younger leaves are used to deal with rectal prolapse. The leaf paste reduces fever and skin inflammations. The leaves also are diuretic.

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