Caring for Smoothing Hair

Unfortunately, after going through the smoothing stage, not everyone knows how to take care of smoothing hair so it doesn’t go back to how it was before.

Hair that has been treated with these chemicals is generally more prone to being brittle and dry. Even though from the outside it still looks soft, if you pay close attention, the ends of the hair can start to dry and break. If you want long-lasting smoothing results, you must understand how to care for your hair after smoothing.

In the following, you can listen to how to care for hair that has just been smoothed, the results are sure to last long and stay healthy!

1. Don’t wash your hair for 3 days after smoothing

After smoothing, you have to be patient not to wash your hair for 72 hours. This is done so that the treatment done on your hair … Read more “Caring for Smoothing Hair”

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Foods That Make Beautiful Skin Glowing

Spending a lot of money to buy beauty products is often done by women to get a beautiful glowing face. In fact, by regularly consuming several types of food, women will get the same results.

Sweet potato

In terms of skin care, sweet potatoes are able to fight premature aging and are rich in antioxidants, as well as beta-carotene.

In addition, sweet potatoes, which contain very good carbohydrates, are believed to increase energy and reduce the habit of snacking, and make people who eat them avoid obesity.


This fermented drink is rich in calcium and vitamin D, which can improve bone health, improve digestion, boost immunity, and improve skin health.

Especially when yogurt is mixed with turmeric, which will produce glowing skin in accordance with what is desired.


This red round vegetable contains antioxidants and lycopene. Regular consumption of tomatoes will slow down the aging process and improve … Read more “Foods That Make Beautiful Skin Glowing”

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Safe Exercise Options for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is not an excuse for you to stop or not exercise at all. You are actually strongly advised to exercise regularly during pregnancy in order to maintain physical fitness and support the health of the fetus.

Here are some types of exercise that are good for pregnant women:

Take a leisurely walk and run

A leisurely walk and a leisurely run (jog) are safe and inexpensive sports options for pregnant women.

Regular walking and leisurely running are useful for smoothing the work of the heart, improving blood circulation, and keeping pregnant women in shape.

Routine walking and jogging can be done starting from the first trimester to the last trimester before giving birth.

Get into the habit of walking for 30 minutes per day. No need to go far, just take a leisurely walk around the housing complex or in the nearest city park.

This is an exercise option … Read more “Safe Exercise Options for Pregnant Women”

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7 Benefits of Pregnancy Exercise During Pregnancy Until After Childbirth

Pregnancy exercise may be a trend among pregnant women (pregnant mothers), especially those who are still young. But apparently, this is not just a trend, exercise can provide real benefits for mothers during pregnancy and after childbirth. What are the benefits of pregnancy exercise? Check out the explanation below.

The benefits of pregnancy exercise can be felt during pregnancy until after giving birth

Being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to stop exercising. Precisely exercise during pregnancy is highly recommended to be done regularly.

This is because staying active during pregnancy, for example by routinely doing pregnancy exercises, can bring various benefits to you and your fetus.

Here are some of the benefits of exercise for pregnant women (pregnant women) that are certainly a pity to miss:

1. Help provide energy

Regular exercise such as pregnant exercise can help you in carrying out daily activities, one of which makes you less … Read more “7 Benefits of Pregnancy Exercise During Pregnancy Until After Childbirth”

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Dwelling Gymnasium

Health And Fitness PlannerWhen God created man, He was pleased with the work and even mentioned it was good. This app is especially helpful in case you’re coping with food-related well being issues like diabetes, cardiovascular situations, and GI issues. The strategy is holistic — no calorie counts right here — and focuses just as much on emotional nicely-being because it does on bodily. Get the latest recommendations on weight-reduction plan, train and healthy dwelling. Make fried noodles or mee goreng with on the spot noodles, ideally suited if you are in a rush. This delicious and wholesome fried noodles recipe is quick and easy and I’m positive you’ll prefer it. Hub of the Day! Congrats. Melovy, I could eat every one in all these recipes and be a happy woman. Your pictures are great, too. After age 30, you experience a drop in manufacturing of the male intercourse hormone, testosterone, at a … Read more “Dwelling Gymnasium”

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The Healthiest Superfoods For Ladies

Healthy and Fitness,Healhty for Kids,Healthy for Man,Healthy for Woman,Healthy Tips & Tricks
For those who’re planning to get pregnant, consuming a healthy, balanced eating regimen will make it easier to stay well throughout being pregnant and be good for your child’s well being. A low dose of aspirin every day has been proven to lower the chance of coronary heart assaults and strokes and may also, in accordance with research by Prof Peter Rothwell of Oxford College, reduce the danger of creating a number of cancers. Contact us to see in case your youngsters are eligible for monetary help for the price of fundamental dental care, prescription eyewear and listening to devices or the alternative listening to help complement.

Well being Care

Fend off vacation weight acquire with these easy eating methods. Cavities can develop when sugar-containing meals are allowed to remain in the mouth for a long time. For wholesome bones and teeth, girls have to eat a variety of calcium-rich … Read more “The Healthiest Superfoods For Ladies”

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Here is What To Drink To Be Wholesome

Perhaps you’re like me and making more soups than ever today. Success with soups, for me, comes with the addition of herbs and spices. I’ve turned some bland white fish right into a connoisseur soup foremost course with considered use of herbs, and what’s a boring salad to do, however dress itself up with recent pungent greens.

Nice lens. I additionally just lately wrote a lens on chia seeds. I can not decide if I really feel higher from eating chia seeds, however I am losing a bit of weight due to chia’s capability to absorb liquid. This helps maintain your food from digesting so quickly and keeps me feeling full longer. Glad you appreciated the hub. Yes you can skip the ice cubes. There won’t be any change in the style or nutritive value.

The well being trade might be very complicated! So many conflicting studies, and but all … Read more “Here is What To Drink To Be Wholesome”

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What Is Article Writing How To Write Better Articles?

Healthcare ArticlesIn this part we’ve got taken the newest in management pondering and condensed it into concise, easy-to-read articles, designed to help you turn principle into apply.

After France on the World Health Organization’s checklist of rankings come 35 other countries before the United States comes in at 37th, just behind Costa Rica. While the United States does charge excessive in advanced medical know-how and procedures, France, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Japan and the United Kingdom charge very effectively comparatively, and all of these international locations have common healthcare applications. The main distinction then being that this advanced drugs is definitely reaching the people of their international locations, and not simply these people who can afford to pay high premiums and/or high out of pocket expenses.

While, there are numerous different ways of accomplishing common healthcare, it’s clear that doing so has many necessary advantages to the medical and monetary properly-being of … Read more “What Is Article Writing How To Write Better Articles?”

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How To Calculate A Fair Weight Loss Competitors

Fitness ChallengesMilestone’s health challenges offer extra enjoyable and problem you to be at your fitness finest all year long. The most effective half, the next day, I did not have a headache or a hangover and I recommitted to my objective of refraining from drinking till the end of the Challenge. If you happen to slip up, forgive yourself, and reign yourself back in. Keep in mind how important your aim is, and remember why you want to obtain it. In Cincinnati, an entry level for heroin heading to Kentucky, the road dealers beckoning from corners call it dog” or pup” or dog food.” Typically they promote their product by barking at you. Ohio recorded 680 heroin overdose deaths in 2012, up 60 percent over the previous year, with one public health advocate telling a neighborhood newspaper that Cincinnati and its suburbs suffered a fatal overdose every different day. Just over … Read more “How To Calculate A Fair Weight Loss Competitors”

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