Safe Exercise Options for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is not an excuse for you to stop or not exercise at all. You are actually strongly advised to exercise regularly during pregnancy in order to maintain physical fitness and support the health of the fetus.

Here are some types of exercise that are good for pregnant women:

Take a leisurely walk and run

A leisurely walk and a leisurely run (jog) are safe and inexpensive sports options for pregnant women.

Regular walking and leisurely running are useful for smoothing the work of the heart, improving blood circulation, and keeping pregnant women in shape.

Routine walking and jogging can be done starting from the first trimester to the last trimester before giving birth.

Get into the habit of walking for 30 minutes per day. No need to go far, just take a leisurely walk around the housing complex or in the nearest city park.

This is an exercise option for pregnant women that is good, safe, and of course does not need to spend money.


Swimming while pregnant is the right exercise choice if you don’t want to sweat.

Exercise in water also feels easier to do because body mass decreases in the water.

As a result, pregnant women do not get tired quickly because they move too much while supporting their weight.

This exercise for young pregnant women and near the birth can also help relieve nausea, pelvic pain, and treat swelling in the ankles.

Pregnancy exercise

Gymnastics seems to be a sport for pregnant women that is widely liked. Moreover, exercise is safe to do at any gestational age.

Gymnastics can help increase stamina, strength, and flexibility of the body of pregnant women.

Pregnancy exercise is one of the sports for expectant mothers that can be done at home through videos that can be found on Youtube.

However, for mothers who have just started exercising, you should take a pregnancy exercise class in a studio that is guided by a reliable instructor.

This can reduce the risk of injury that may occur when exercising alone without supervision.


Not only exercise, yoga is also a sport for pregnant women who have special classes.

Yoga is recommended as a sport for pregnant women because this exercise trains smooth breathing, trains body flexibility and prepares the hips for the birth process.

In addition, prenatal yoga is also a sport to help improve body balance and reduce back pain in pregnant women.

Plus, yoga can also help relax the mind so it’s easier to train yourself to rest.


Similar to yoga, Pilates also includes exercise for pregnant women that is safe and recommended.

Pilates is useful to help balance the body, strengthen the muscles (including the pelvic floor muscles for childbirth), and improve posture.

Later, the Pilates instructor will guide you to do some good postures to do during pregnancy.

Pilates can also teach you good breathing techniques to improve blood circulation and how to properly relax.