Caring for Smoothing Hair

Unfortunately, after going through the smoothing stage, not everyone knows how to take care of smoothing hair so it doesn’t go back to how it was before.

Hair that has been treated with these chemicals is generally more prone to being brittle and dry. Even though from the outside it still looks soft, if you pay close attention, the ends of the hair can start to dry and break. If you want long-lasting smoothing results, you must understand how to care for your hair after smoothing.

In the following, you can listen to how to care for hair that has just been smoothed, the results are sure to last long and stay healthy!

1. Don’t wash your hair for 3 days after smoothing

After smoothing, you have to be patient not to wash your hair for 72 hours. This is done so that the treatment done on your hair can penetrate properly.
Your hair will adjust for a few days to the chemicals from your smoothing treatment. If you wash it in a hurry, the results won’t last long.

2. Simply shampoo 2 to 3 days once

For normal scalp types, it is recommended to wash your hair once every 2 to 3 days, so that the scalp is not dry and the natural oils from the hair can protect the scalp properly.

This also affects the smoothing results, because the smoothing process uses chemicals, so washing your hair too often will make the results not last long. If you have an oily scalp type, you can adjust your washing schedule without going overboard.

3. Choose a Special Treatment Smoothing Shampoo

So that your hair straightening results last longer, you can use a shampoo specifically for hair that has received chemical treatments, such as shampoo for hair that has been dyed and smoothed.
If your hair has experienced a lot of damage from the previous treatment, then you can look for a shampoo to improve the hair structure better.

4. Use Conditioner with the Same Formula

After getting treatment with chemicals, some hair will become drier and fall out. Therefore, you must use a conditioner with the same formula as the shampoo you use.
So that the results can be far more optimal, compared to using two products with different formulas. You can also choose a formula that suits your hair needs.

5. Don’t Tie Your Hair

After smoothing, avoid ponytails for a while, instead let your hair loose naturally. The goal is that the hair that has just been smoothed does not leave traces of the results of the hair ponytail. So that your smoothing results can look more optimal for the long term.

6. Pause Using the Styling Tool

Do you like using a flat iron or curly iron? Some time after smoothing, you need to stop using it. This is because the hot temperatures of these tools can cause hair damage after receiving chemical treatments during smoothing. As a result, hair becomes more brittle, easy to break and fall out.